We Are Spiritual Beings

We are like ocean drops and we are awakening to the fact

we are part of the ocean of love.

Spiritual Light Beings We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Nothing we have ever done can affect who we really are. We are spirit--which is pure love. This is the essense of who we are. We have merely forgotten it. Once we remember this then we have truly re-turned home to our source--right here, right now. The essence of this Love is all encompasing; it is not just reserved in some special place or in some external 'spiritual world' located somewhere 'out there'.

The essence of our source is love and love is the essence of who we are because we are from/of this higher source. Love is a powerful emotion and every positive and feel good emotions stems from love. The higher energy of Love is what connects us as humans, because even though we are navigating reality with our physical body vehicle, we are truly 'spiritual beings' , and this soul essence of who we are is always connected to this higher source--love.

Disharmony is of our own making and can really be an attempt to cover up the essence of who we are and this reality of love--love is a reality. All negativity we experience in this world are only judgments and projections of reality. They are attempts to cover up what already is. This happens in order to experience separation through lack of love and then to awaken to who we really are. Why would we do such a thing? We were given free will when we were created (or at least it seems so) and in our free will we chose to sleep and dream of a world where separation, unhapiness, fear and death would be experienced in order to know and appreciate what we already have and are.

The Duality Game

Angelic Wings with Glowing Heart

How can one understand love without fear, or hot without cold?How can you see or know who you trulyare if you are not separate from it at some point? Thus in the beginning of this came the thought of separation; one thought split into many so-called aspects of F.E.A.R (False Events Appearing Real). The false events of separate thinking, separate feeling and separate bodies have been appearing real to our mind like a dream.

When you are dreaming do you know if it is real or not? Most of us believe that the dream is reality, that is, until we 'wake up' to our so-called real reality. Over the course of time we have forgotten the reality of who we are and that we are a part of this source-love. We are dreaming this current external reality and have mistaken these habitual negative functionings for who we really are. Let us awaken from this dream of duality. Re-turning our thoughts to love and oneness would be like catching ourselves from a day dream.

We Are Pure Consciousness

We are consciousness. We are not merely the body, the emotions, thoughts or even the breath. This is not the whole picture. The body, with its thoughts and feelings, are vehicles for consciousness to express itself through. We are the love and the joy which cometh before everything else, existing all-ways beyond all time and all space.

Love and joy comes effortlesly because it is who we are. Effort is of the ego. "If you don`t work hard for it then you won`t get it"--this is a classic belief manufactured by the ego. Searching for 'yourself' or the essence of who you truly are 'outside of yourself' is also of the ego. Nothing external can define who you are truly. The one you are searching for, the one you are trying to obtain in the myriad of external things and relationships is--You. You are wholeness. Everything you truly need is within you and you can never be seperated from it. We can never be separate from love and joy because it is who we are.

Embracing The Essence

It is time to feel who we really are. If we begin to sit still for a moment, such as with meditation, then we may notice some interesting things. You must quiet the mind, and be aware of your-self. Maybe you begin to become aware of that frown on your face or the tension in your body. Now, you can consciously put a smile on your face and relax your body. Who is aware of all this? Who is excercizing this free will of mind-body? It is you, the spiritual being, the silent observer, witness even to the breath itself. If we become still and relaxed enough, we will also begin to realize and become aware of the love and the joy that we truly are beyond the physical body and mind.

It is time to embrace the world with love and joy all of the time. Practice makes perfect or you can certainly 'fake it `till you make it'. The more joy we naturally experience the less suffering we want to experience naturally. Sooner or later we will give up suffering altogether and embrace joy, love and happiness. Eventually we won`t have to do anything to make this happen. In other words, we will no longer need to expect anything from the external world or other people to 'make it happen'. We won't have to rely on physical objects or what other people can do for us in order to maintain that happiness and love within us.

We can choose to experience all of the positive energies of love and joy anytime no matter what happens 'out there' because we all have free will (and truly there is no 'out there' that is seperate from this love energy). It will become more natural to do with practice. We will begin to truly have spiritual eyes to see, realizing (real-eyes-in) that this love and joy state of being is who we truly are. We won`t care what anyone else thinks about us for no-one is worth compromising our inner peace and happiness for. Sooner or later they will be affected by our happiness and will have no choice but to embrace who they truly are as well.

We are spiritual beings having a hu-man experience. Hu means God so it would seem to mean that we are God-man and all we can ever do is have a spiritual experience--we seem to be thinking otherwise.   ~Article By Emanuehl

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