The Way of The Heart

Ying Yang Heart

The way of the heart is the next evolutionary step for man/woman kind.Living in the heart or feeling your entire body from within moment by moment is one of the most courageous things one can do. Remaining in a mind frame of love is more than possible it is the new human function-in. Feeling oneself from within with the utilization of the breath moment by moment no matter what the world is seemingly presenting to us on the outside is the practical application of the term 'being embodied'.We no longer run away from fearful situations but meet them head on.

While interacting with others one can remain in a loving mind frame or feeling space and not be affected by seemingly negative behaviour. One can simply observe,allowing it to be yet not supporting such behaviour by not responding to it. By not responding to it the person is left contemplating their own behaviour and are now conscious of what they just said or did and can now take steps into changing the way they think and feel. Otherwise when we keep responding with a 'yeah' and nod our head they mistake that as an affirmative and encouragment to go on even though they themselves might not feel right with what they are saying. We are then left wondering why they can`t see how we are observing them to be.

Life occurs from within,it only appears to be occuring outside of us. We are in control of our own feeling state moment by moment. People, situations and the entire universe are all existing inside of us there only appears to be a manifestation of objects, one colliding with another, one hurting another. Pain is also appearing to be real.When one has come to this realization he/she is still part of the world but not of it. Everything is still appearing to be real yet it dosen`t have the effect that it once did.Suffering becomes minimal and one enjoys life to a greater degree because one is more in control of one`s feeling state.

Conquering our fear and not being afraid to stay in our centre-our heart centre is the highest service one can impart to humanity. Love is closer to us than what we think.The way of the heart comes closest to describing this feeling state.It`s like breathing our entire being from within and expanding it to encompass the entire universe and beyond.   ~Article By Emanuehl

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