There Are Only Two Emotions

There are only two emotions--love and fear.

What is not an expression of love is an expression of fear.

Love and Fear heart There are only two emotions in this reality--Love and Fear. What is not an expression of Love is an expression of Fear. Whichever core emotion we express-- whether it be love or fear-- we put into motion. In other words, if it is an aspect of fear that we feel then it is that energy which is moving forward and bringing us more of it to experience.

Like does attract like. Fear breeds more fear. Love creates more love and draws more loving experiences into your life in the same way that being in a state of fear attracts more fearful or negative experiences to you.

~Where Attention Goes Energy Flows~

We are in control of our own feeling state in every situation. If we think we're not then we have been operating on automatic pilot, re-creating a thought from the past over and over again. When we become conscious of this in the very now moment in which we are experiencing it, we are bring in to ourselves (we are present-in to ourselves) an opportunity to change the way we feel. We can choose a feeling of love in each moment no matter how reality is seemingly appearing to us on the outside. We then begin the journey in becoming--emotion masters or masters of emotion.

For the courageous of heart, this is the journey of moving out from experiencing seemingly opposite emotions of love and fear, and onto riding the wave of love and happiness. When we become masters of our emotional state we literally dive into the uncomfortable or seemingly fearful situations and simply--feel the feeling for what it is. Then and only then can it be transmuted to a more comfortable and joyful situation.

Love and fear cannot occupy the same space; we are either operating from love or from fear--we cannot serve them both or be fully present in the exerpeince of both emotions simutaneously. The choice is ours. We are either accepting life as it is or we are judging it negatively. Notice how I said 'judging it negatively'. In reality there is no so-called negative. Negativity can be a judgment and judgments are attempts to hide or label what 'already is'.

Once an external event or situation presents itself to us as it is, we can simply decide how we are going to react or respond to it. We can choose to feel any positive emotions which stem from Love, or a so called 'negative emotion' which stems from a space of non-love, or what we understand as fear. Which feeling is more disireable?

Acceptance is the prerequisite to changing negative emotions to positive ones. Changing one to the other is often labelled as judging one as good and the other as bad. Yet in reality only love is real and fear is merely appearing real.   ~Article By Emanuehl

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