The Key is in The Feeling

Consistently filling our cup with love we find a natural desire in wanting to share it.

Sharing it with one another we become more of who we truly are.

For it is in the giving that we receiveth.

Key to Unlocking the Heart We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Let us unlock the true essence of the soul experience though the feeling of Love. The Key is in the--feeling. If we feel love then that is the experience. We are having an experience of Love. The experience is not in what we are doing or what is happening to us but rather in what we are feeling. This is the essence of the soul experience. It is the 'sole' experience.

During a physical lifetime the soul of the individual takes with it the feelings of each moment and not what it did or the thoughts and actions pertaining to the experience. When understanding this a huge burden is lifted from us. We no longer need to worry about what we are going to do and how much we need to physically accumulate throughout our lives. We can start living a quality life through feeling or feel-in the essence of our life experiences. How we feel becomes the priority in life whether we are feeling love for ourself and others or whether we are feeling our way out of fearful situations that no longer serve us.

It only appears that we are doing things on a day to day basis, while in reality the essence of what we are doing is--feeling. Feeling the feeling in each and every moment guides us and allows us to fully embrace an experience for what it truly is and from a soul perspective. No matter what physical reality presents to us and no matter what we think, throughout life ever~changing experiences we are either anxious, fearful, angry or we are peaceful, loving, kind and so forth.

Heart in Eye - Eyes Are The Window To The Soul In each and every moment within our physical experience we are feeling either an aspect of love or an aspect of fear. Yes, your mind can remember and recall an experience from your past, but your 'soul'-- the true essense of who you are at the core of your be~ing-- remembers how you felt about the experience. This can be for the purpose of soul growth.All The 'Soul' Takes With It From Each Lifetime Are Feelings--All Of Them

When consistently holding a love-filled feeling space one experiences a raising in vibrational frequency. Your body comes alive so to speak. You literally feel it pulsating with energy from head to toe re-awakening your atomic cell structure. You become embodied or in-bodied and begin operating from 5th dimensional consciousness or love consciousness. A sound frequency is heard getting louder at this point. It is nothing to fear for it is our very own vibrational signature.

When interacting with people we may find a drop in our energy field or feeling body unless we focus on raising theirs. We do this by finding the beauty and higher self expression in them and listen to what they may have to say. It may turn out they have a message to impart to us an answer to a question we have personally asked the universe to provide. By focusing on their higher nature we are helping them get clear on what they are needing to share with us and simultaneously assist them in re-member-in who they truly are as well.

Our energy field or feeling body feels more heightened more alive each time we assist someone in getting in touch with their own feel-in body while in-body. We must stay centred in our own feeling body before attempting to raise another person`s vibrational frequency or else we may experience a dropping of our own as a result.

Feeling our true selves from within upflifts us in any given moment. It gives us first hand knowledge that happiness begins with us. We all reside-in God/Goddess/Source All That Is and what we experience cannot tarnish reality. What we do here does not matter as much as to how we--feel in each situation. Love is the highest emotion and yet it is so much more than just an emotion; it is a way of being. Love is the creative source energy from which we are all connected at a higher level beyond the physical experience. Feeling or breathing love in each moment blends all opposite emotions of love and fear into one. Peace and love are now felt and we intuitively know that we have re-turned home.   ~Article By Emanuehl

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