Paradigm Shift - A New Dawn

This video is designed to ease the transition for you to help you to release the old paradigm and to consciously step into the new paradigm.

For eons the density on earth has been very high and this was one of the reasons why humanity has lived in a paradigm of sex, power and greed for such a long time.

The planet is raising its frequency (see Schumann frequency for reference and evidence) and with this humanities frequency has to raise as well. Humanity is stepping into a new paradigm, a paradigm that is heart (love) based.

Before humanity can do this though, all the old has to leave. This is why we see so much unrest and seeming insanity all over the planet right now. Everything is coming up to be looked at, addressed and ultimately released. This is true on the personal level as well as for the collective level.

What do we need to do in order for humanity to be raised to the next platform? Each and every one of us has an ideal way of being which raises the collective consciousness into new ways of feeling. In other words if each of us lives to the best way we know how to, this affects humanity and the planet lifting us all into a new paradigm.

We have no idea what new ways we will be experiencing but we need to be living to our maximum capacity in order to experience this new dimension of reality.
~ by Emanuehl

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