Love Is The Invisible

Love appears to be the end of the journey.

Yet it is only the beginning.

Invisible Love and Light

We are spiritual beings belonging to the realms of spirit. Nothing we ever do can affect who we truly are. While we have uur physical life experience, the soul is essentially on its path to re-turn home. Our home, our return to where our soul originated-- the realms of unconditional love and infinite light. The higher realms of unconditional love and infinite light exist here and now simultaneously even while we experience 3rd dimensional reality.

The experience of the higher realmsis merely a shift in consciousness--an expanded state of awareness. We are meant to experience all dimensions, all realms of existance, simutaneously while being physically anchored in 3D, not just merely operating from 3rd and 4th dimensional experience of space/time limitations.

It is now time to be anchored here in 5D where the 3rd and 4th dimensions disolve into Love. The 5th dimension is now encompasing both dimensions of time and space. Being anchored in 5D means to be operating from the heart 24/7--5D being also the realm of love and creativity. Living in the heart is more spacious than the 3rd dimension, and time of the 4th dimension expands into the infinite patterns of the 6th dimension.

The 5th dimension can be depicted as a single point. The 4th dimension can be depicted as a circle forming out from thst single point. The 3rd dimension can be depicted as a cross within the circle. Similarly 3rd dimensional space resides in 4th dimensional time; the physical universe is being contained by time. The physical 3rd and the 4th dimension of time are both illusory realms of experience; they are the 5th dimension projected out into two separate dimensions.

Our physical bodies and the entire universe are constantly changing. Change is the constant in this reality and change is constantly happening in all moments within time. The 3rd dimension or physical dimension is not real, not a fixed reality, or else it would not change. Yet energy itself is real for the appearance of it is constantly changing. Once we realise that the physical dimension is not real we are ready to dive deeper and look at our emotional body---the 4th dimensional body. We find our emotions constantly change. We are either happy or sad, angry or calm, and so on. Our emotions are constantly changing and are part of a dimension that is lighter in vibration then the physical--yet is also subject to change.

The highest emotion is love. All positive and feel good emotions stem from this source of Love. This higher realm is experienced un-conditional love and it is eternal. Unconditional love is the constant feeling behind all changeable emotions. Feeling and emotion are not the same thing; Emotion is appearing as a different feeling and feeling is unconditional love--the glue that holds everything together.

In 4D, time is cyclic. In 3D objects rotate around other objects in seemingly empty space alienated from one another. 5D is the glue that holds time and space together--unconditional love. It is the invisible filling the empty space between objects--love is the invisible. Once we embody love, time and space cease to exist for we have re-turned home.   ~Article By Emanuehl

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