Living on Light (Carriers of Love)

The quicker the vibration, the lighter and more positive one feels.
The slower the vibration, the heavier or more discontent one feels. ~Emanuehl

Holding Sun Light

You are what you eat. We have heard this phrase before and it`s true when tapping into the life-force energy itself which brings about what we term 'food' into being. It is this life force energy that we humans are made of. Light radiates outward and manifests objects into being including our physical bodies.

It Is The Force Behind Life Which Is Why It Is Termed Life-force.

Objects constantly change while light remains eternaly unchangeable. Physicality is a densification of light. It is light vibrating at a slow rotation or frequency. Physicality is light turned inside out. We are not just our physical bodies. The physical body is merely a vehicle for experience, and the highest experience is--unconditional love. Love is the nourishment that is already existing within; it is pervading everywhere. Light is a carrier of love, light being information about love and how to love. Our physical bodies in their highest expression are carriers of love; light bodies or love expressed.

Liquid light is a subtle form of nourishment. It is not separate from us and is available in unlimited supply. Liquid light sustains, maintains and nourishes us all-ways. It is like a constant rain that never ceases to be. It is gentle yet potent; it is life-force. We only need to be conscious of it and the body will start receiving it in larger quantities.

We are receiving our nourishment moment by moment from the infinite light and all encompasing love of Source. Any nourishment that comes and goes is subject to change. It is limited by conditions and is therefore not our true nourishment. Our true nourishment is always available to us and is infinite. Source is always available to us for we are extentions of it. We can never be cut from it for if we could, it would simply not exist and neither would we.

We are sustained by our very being. Feeling or breathing our bodies from within bridges the invisible with the visible. The physical body is part of something much larger that sustains and gives life to it. We have merely been playing out the illusion that the body has a life of it`s own, constantly needing nourishment external to it. The only need that we have is to--love. It is our divine inheritance and free will. We naturally want to give love to extend it, for if we don`t we begin experiencing an absence of something that already resides within. Anything we think we may need outside us, already exists as a quality inside us.

The body is a thought projected by the mind like a movie projected onto the big screen called Earth, yet the light shines constantly behind all images. Our belief in sustenance for the body holds the separation in place--in our minds.

We are spiritual beings and there is no-thing that we need. Food is like a sleeping pill. We`ve come into believing that eating will give us more energy, yet we go on depleting our energy seeking outwardly instead of realizing (real-eyes-in) the vitality of our being within. Breathing in deeply with gratitude and appreciation for life are very important ingredients to a healthy eating diet. It is a change from seeking outwardly to expanding oneself from the inside out.Trusting to live on light we begin withdrawing energy from material phenomena, no longer attaching our essence to objects appearing outside us and begin to see the essence of all things and Essence pervades all.

Everything is energy and energy is vibrating at a particular level. Matter is vibrating at a frequency so slow it appears to be solid. Even though we dropped in vibration to appear physical,we are light vibrating at a much slower rate.

It Is Now Time To Step On The Accelerator And Vibrate Back To Light.

We are light experiencing itself as physical beings, very much like light passing through a prism and dividing itself into many colours. We are experiencing a similar process,in our case dividing into many forms.   ~ By emanuehl

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