Living on Light - Nourishment From Source

We are all nourished directly from Source. Once we are conscious of it our entire being comes alive pulsating with energy and we begin merging with the incoming 5th dimension and beyond.

Everything is energy & energy is vibrating at a particular level.
Matter is vibrating at a frequency so slow it appears solid.

Even though we dropped in vibration to appear physical, we still are light yet vibrating at a much slower frequency.

The body is part of something much larger that sustains it.
Source is all-ways availble to us for we are extensions of it.

Liquid light sustains, maintains and nourishes us in all-ways.
We only need to be conscious of it and the body will start reveiving it in larger qauntities.

Where attention goes energy flows.
Our physical bodies in their highest expression are carriers of love, light bodies or love expressed.

Raising your vibrational frequency is a prequisite to completing your ascension process.


Living on Light

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Living on Light

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