The Hologram Of Love

The Hologram of Love

13:20:33 Hologram of Love (ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK)
Activating the Hologram of LOVE - A New Spiritual Science?
Alton of the Alpha, Omega Order of Melchizedek

An Interview with Alton Kamadon by Olga Sheean of Shared Vision (Feb/98)

OS: What exactly is the hologram of love - the basis of your teachings?

Alton: The hologram of love (or Merkaba) is the sacred geometric pattern which gave birth to the whole universe. It is based on unconditional love, so it must be the pattern of unconditional love, because everything in the universe resonates to it, no matter what it is or what dimension it's in. That means that you and I, as human beings, also have that pattern within us, so we are actually walking, talking unconditional love. We always have been, we've just never recognized it.

However, you can't really measure this in third dimensional terms. This is a high concept of divine creation that you intuitively resonate to. It's not something to be analyzed by the left brain. Those who are drawn to this intuitively find that, as soon as they apply it, they have the most extraordinary experiences and their whole body changes. They meditate in a way that activates the Holographic Merkaba with light, invoking a special frequency of 13:20:33 into that field of continuous time.

OS: What is this 13:20:33 frequency?

Alton: Part of what we came to learn as human beings was how to live with limitation, and the 12:60 timing that we have allowed ourselves to be encompassed within is a timing of limitation. It was brought in through the Gregorian calendar, and represents the 12 months of the year, the 60 minutes in the hour, etc. I work with a different frequency - 13:20:33 - a frequency of no limitation. If you study the human body, you will find that this frequency is harmonized through it. We have 13 major articulations in the body - ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and the neck - and 20 fingers and toes. When you add 20 and 13, you arrive at the master number of 33, which is also the number of vertebrae in the spine - the center of the body.

The ancient Mayans used the frequency of 13 and 20 for their calendar of time, awakened God Consciousness within themselves, and enabled them to access the center of the universe and merge with it. The process provides a spherical perspective called omni perspective which, in turn, helps individuals live in non-judgement and to be the witness in our illusionary physical world. They thus become galactically aligned and empowered.

OS: How is this frequency applied?

Alton: If our ultimate goal is to merge back with God, then God our Creator made our bodies to transcend this physical world by providing keys and formulas within us to achieve this. When you relate this key to the hologram of love, you'll see that those two concepts together make up the ultimate key to ascension. The frequency of 13:20:33 is the frequency of no time.

The hologram of love is symbolic of the time continuum because it's all made up of curves. When you try to measure linear time, or anything in this world, it has straight edges or angles. But when we work with the hologram of love, we are working with the curves of continuous time. You look at that design and see that it goes into itself continuously, circle after circle. When you put it into a hologram, you end up with sphere after sphere, and there is no beginning or end. That is the pattern of our human body. If you put those two things together - 13:20:33 and the Hologram of Love (utilizing the curves of time) - you can create a whole new body form and consciousness.

OS: What exactly is the time/space continuum? Alton: As we make our transition into our light body or form of creation, we withdraw from linear time (measured in a straight line, with a beginning and an end), and we move into the time continuum, which is time-less spiritual existence, with no beginning or end. According to the Egyptian spirit guide Thoth, the time/space continuum is attached to the spine. This makes it very easy to withdraw yourself from your physical body within a meditation through your own time/space continuum.

Thoth teaches us that we are already in unity consciousness - and always have been - and it's a complete illusion that we are not, because we are always attached to God through the time/space continuum and always have been. We have just not allowed ourselves the expansion of consciousness to accept there is something else (the time continuum) that is part of our body.

OS: In practical terms, what can the hologram of love do for people?

Alton: First of all, it will open up their psychic abilities through their pineal gland. It will activate a rotational field of life that encompasses this dimension and all the others beyond us. It also provides a completely different perception of creation, expanding consciousness, and exerting an amazing effect on your heart. As soon as you use the hologram of love, it activates the love center, and opens up your heart spontaneously, so that you can express and receive much more love. You can also use this technique to heal yourself permanently.

OS: What about a degenerative condition caused by poor diet, for example?

Alton: You are working with holograms which are thought-induced. If you work with the time/space continuum of the hologram of love, you immediately change the timing around the physical body. In other words, your physical self resonates to a 12:60 illusionary memory. Now if you use this other concept, you change the memory of the cell and you bring it into the time/space continuum where everything is perfect. It is only down at this third-dimensional level that we have imperfection.

What's marvelous about this is that if a person has created an illness through incorrect eating, and the illness is healed with this particular technique, this changes the thought pattern in the person so that they then begin to change their diet. It happens automatically, changing the memory cell. This is what makes this process so extraordinary. We're talking about permanent changes in people - not something that will re-manifest.

OS: Can you give some example of that?

Alton: Yes, I have worked with two cancer cases recently, both of which were totally healed in a relatively short period of time. They were treated with 30-minute sessions for five days, until the cancer was completely gone. One individual, with cervical cancer, felt as if her insides were being sucked out of her. This was all done with the hologram and thought, with no other modalities used. There are many different hologram modalities out there, but none of them use this particular pattern and frequency which are the key to the permanent and total healing achieved with this approach. Anyone can do this. It's a three-breath activation, very quick and extremely effective.

The energy in this hologram of love is much more refined - as it should be, as a higher vibration beyond the third dimension. The simplest form can be learnt by anyone within an hour or less. Once the hologram is activated and locked into your heart, it becomes part of you, breathing with you, and is very soft and malleable, like an outer skin. Once it's there, we simply take one focused breath and it is immediately re-activated. You just have to think about it, and you see and feel it.

According to Thoth, unconditional love is a powerful magnetic force which, once activated through the hologram of love, makes you truly magnetic within every cell of your body. As a result, you begin to attract all you need to become a cosmic vibration of higher wisdom. If we could understand time and love together, Thoth said, we would have the answer.

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