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The Hologram of Love - 3 Breath Merkabah

Alton is a clairvoyant/channel and editor of the magazing Eagles Wings, and is of the Alpha, Omega order of Melchizedek. His career as a spiritual teacher has spanned many years and he is constantly travelling the world presenting up-to-date information and techniques as he receives it direct from Spirit. He has been a guest speaker at the United Nations in New York. He also presents regular meditations and channelings in Sydney Australia.

This presentation is from a two day Workshop/Seminar presented by Alton which approaches the ascension process from a refreshing new spiritual science, the curves of time. The three breath hologram of love merkaba activation is a new concept that is simple, quick and very effective and you do not need to have any prior knowledge of holograms or Sacred Geometry. With the breath and thought intention, the hologram of love will obey your every command and you will transverst the angles of linear time and into the higher dimensions of no time and endless love. The time space continuum is attached to our physical body and once we have unlocked the hidden door of time, the eternal body cell can manifest and the birth and death memory can be dissolved. Within the Workshop/Seminar Alton clearly explains how we can see time not as a straight linear concept, but in curves. He goes on to explain that if we hope to extract ourselves from the physical and seek the unlimited form of light, we must attract to our consciousness a different form of sphere or oval without any straight lines or edges.

The physical body is smooth and rounded and has no straigh lines or angles to it, it was built to easily remove itself from this physical paradigm through the time continuum to a higher divine concept."

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