Happiness is Our Divine Inheritance

God is Love. Love in its happiness creates in order to share all of its gifts with its creation.

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Everyone wants to be happy. We all seek it within our day to day experiences. Happiness is sought after in relationships, in the food we eat, possesions we aquire, career paths, projects, basically everything that appears external to us. We are constantly seeking happiness outside of ourselves.

Happiness is within each and everyone of us. It is us and we are not separate from it, yet we have temporarily separated ourselves from it--in our minds. Our real purpose for being here is to extend happiness and to embody Love.

Happiness is the joyful expression of Love. Happiness is our true expression; Love is what we naturally share with one another when we are inJoy and Happiness. When we Love, we are sharing our happiness with others.

In pursuit of happiness many go on searching for it in relationships with other people, material things and in specific external situations but often we are left feeling empty and unfulfilled. We go on trying to fill this emptiness and still we end up unhappy, frustrated and depressed. We are convinced happiness exists outside of us because we have been conditioned in believing so.

For eons people have lived their lives trying to better their life circumstances in order to be happy or happier then they already are while leading them to more unhappiness. Some people give up living altogether thinking they will find it in some after life and continue to suffer until that time.

True happiness is being happy without having any reason to be. No-thing outside of us can make us happy. Life circumstances can trigger it in us because it is already there waiting to be awakened.

Happiness, Joy, Peace, Love and all positive desireable states of being are already within us. We have the power to tap into this space in every moment regardless of what is happening on the external, and regardless of what we think we physically possess or think that we want or need more of.

At the very source of our being we are all that is pure love and happiness and we are destined to return to this source. We can fully realize this here and now.

Happiness Is Our Natural State Of Being. It Is Our Divine Inheritance.
  ~Article By Emanuehl

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." ~Helen Keller

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